Why I’m Running

I’m running to be the next DC Council Chairwoman because now more than ever we need leadership that works for every person and family across DC. I’m committed to reforming government to take on the challenges of today and build the infrastructure for a better tomorrow. I’ll bring my years of experience fighting for stronger ethics and greater transparency to the Wilson Building to ensure that our government serves all residents and makes DC stronger. With new ideas, collaborative leadership, and strong values we can ensure that every Washingtonian has a brighter future. 

I could not have taken the leap to run for Chairwoman without the support and love of my family, friends, and neighbors. It is because of them, and for them, that I’m in this race.

A bright, resilient future

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, our family balanced school, work, and our daily commutes knowing that even something small might knock us off track. The pandemic has created new challenges and worsened troubling disparities in public health efforts, outcomes, basic needs, and economic recovery. Covid-19 is not the only challenge that DC ​​— and our country — will face. Climate change also threatens our collective future, with even more devastating impacts for marginalized communities.

Adrián in front of the US Capitol at a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline in 2016.

We can and must build in the support and new infrastructure necessary to respond to and thrive in the face of these challenges. Diligence, dedication, and vision for what is possible will be critical. I am prepared to face these challenges for my children, your children and our families, our communities, and generations to come.

Ethical government

Over several years, I watched as the ethics scandal involving former Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans unfolded, confirming many of the worst stereotypes about local government. I worked with Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners across DC to be among the first elected officials to demand real action from the DC Council, ultimately leading to Evans’ resignation. But why was his corruption a longstanding open secret that required public outcry for accountability? Shouldn’t our Council leadership have the highest standards for its members?

Javi, Erin, Adrián, Mateo, and Eric canvassing in support of public financing for local elections in 2017.

Good government requires continuous oversight. It should be independent, proactive, and demand accountability of its members. I have the experience to do this and am committed to a better, more ethical government. For this reason, I have decided to run my campaign using the Fair Elections program. Our campaign will be loyal to our community, not to big businesses and lobbyists. Public financing gives this campaign and residents real power to advocate for changes that benefit working residents and families.

Equitable, high-quality government services in DC

As an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, I have worked with other Commissioners and residents all over DC on missing stop signs, degraded sidewalks, deteriorating school buildings, and absent public transportation. While the issues are often similar in different neighborhoods, the government’s responses are not. These issues should be priorities no matter where you live.

Adrián loading his bike on Metrobus at the Takoma Metro Station as part of #TranspoBINGO.

Government owes all residents high-quality, reliable, and consistent services necessary for a safe, healthy community. Oversight and accountability are essential to make that our reality – and I’ll deliver on that oversight every day, with an eye not only on fixing the immediate problems, but also identifying systemic challenges and proposing and implementing solutions.