Thriving families

DC residents — of all ages — deserve to thrive. But our city continues to leave families behind. DC has the highest rate of Black maternal mortality in the nation. Families struggle to find childcare and must enter a lottery for schools, leaving to chance what should be a basic guarantee — quality, affordable childcare, a good neighborhood school, and accessible and affordable post-secondary education. Food and housing insecurity are on the rise, leaving children and seniors vulnerable. As a working parent of three public charter school students, Erin knows it’s time to step up and put families first.

Erin will support ongoing efforts for a birthing center and improved access to medical services east of the Anacostia River. She will fight for high-quality education in every part of our city by making sure at-risk funds are used to support at-risk families, and not to substitute for basic needs, and all schools have librarians and language, music, and arts teachers. Government should have a holistic view of childhood development and education, and Erin will work to ensure that all students receive social, emotional, and mental health services, that their special education needs are met, that all our students feel represented and supported no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity, and that they can get to and from school safely every day. Erin believes residents deserve to age in place and with dignity, which requires flexibility for accessory dwellings and other affordable housing and robust and accessible public transportation networks that allow residents to stay connected to family, friends, and community. 

It has felt like families are an afterthought during the Covid-19 pandemic. Seniors struggled to get vaccines and access rental and utility assistance programs, in part because of complicated and inaccessible online applications. Now, as we struggle through yet another wave of Covid-19, parents wonder if their children are really safe in schools. Catching up on last year’s lost instructional time will remain out of reach without thoughtful support for schools and families. In the face of the greatest education crisis in recent memory, the current Chairman disbanded the Council’s education committee, weakening oversight, accountability, and the ability to plan comprehensively at a time when it matters the most. Erin knows that it takes a lot to support a family, and as Chairwoman she will lead a government that puts DC’s families first — no matter the type or stage of life.

Erin’s experience:

Over the years, Erin has advocated for paid family leave and early childhood education, fighting for more time to care for a new baby or a sick relative and more high-quality, affordable childcare options. As Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner she has demanded accountability and transparency regarding school funding, planning, and re-opening. She dedicates her time to supporting and engaging families, including through civic education for kids, family-friendly community service events, and support for the local senior village.