The Beacon: Erin Palmer campaigns against Phil Mendelson in race for DC Council Chairperson

Story by Isadora Groves

Next June, Erin Palmer will challenge Phil Mendelson, current D.C. City Council Chairperson, for his seat. The winning candidate and future Chairperson will have significant influence over D.C. public schools.

The D.C. City Council is a legislative body with thirteen representatives and its control over D.C. schools is exerted in two major ways. The first is by legislation and the second, controlling the budget. According to Erin Palmer, “whether it’s school librarians, access to technology and high-quality Internet, hybrid learning, or healthy school food, the DC Council can, and should, legislate to ensure students’ needs are met.” 

While the budget is proposed by the D.C. Mayor, the Council may exert control by adding, changing, approving or disapproving that budget.