Modern government

Everyone deserves equal access to government programs, resources, and services. The Covid-19 pandemic made clear our government is too often stuck in the past with dated unemployment websites, crashing vaccination portals, and inaccessible agency websites. Erin is dedicated to a modern, well-functioning government that uses technology to increase accessibility and data in service of transparency and continuous improvement.

Time and again, we have failed to provide equal access to and participation in public services, programs, and activities for DC residents who cannot (or have limited capacity to) speak, read, or write English and to individuals with disabilities. Not only is this unfair, the government’s failure sends a message that our city doesn’t care about those communities and their needs. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that the absence of modern, accessible websites harms residents trying to use government programs. Erin knows that we must be equipped to leverage technology to better serve residents, including through government websites that are available in residents’ primary languages, that can be used from a phone, and that meet accessibility needs. 

To Erin, modern government also means government free from discrimination and harassment. It must provide high-quality, accessible services to everyone regardless of their status, particularly for communities that have been historically excluded, discriminated against, and subjected to hate crimes, including our LGBTQ+ communities. Erin has dedicated her career to fighting for workplaces free from discrimination and harassment, and as Chairwoman she will never stop fighting for the same for DC.

The ability to collect data and evaluate programs is essential to the success of critical investments in public safety, health, housing, education, and more. Erin knows that independent evaluation allows for increased transparency and a constantly improving government that can respond to both intended and unintended policy outcomes. In addition to learning what works and who it works for, she believes that strong and effective oversight of government programs stems in large part from collecting, monitoring, and using data across multiple topic areas.

Erin’s experience:

Erin has consistently advocated for a forward thinking approach to technology and accessibility in DC government. She led a city-wide effort to adapt Advisory Neighborhood Commissions to the realities of the Covid-19 pandemic. Erin has dedicated her professional life to building safe workplaces for everyone — without discrimination or harassment — so that we can all succeed.