Issues – OLD

Our campaign is focused on:

  • Solving challenges with new energy and vision
  • Ensuring responsive and accountable DC government
  • Building a DC that works for every person and family

We know there are many important issues and that government can always improve to better serve everyone’s needs. Share your views and values by sending Erin an email at

Ethical & accountable government

Matching funds are what make it possible for Erin – a mom without ties to corporate donors – to be competitive against a longtime incumbent who is already raising hundreds of thousands from interest groups. The opportunity for regular DC residents to have their voices heard is why she supported passage of the Fair Elections program.

Community safety

There is no quick fix to end violence in our communities. Consistent with national priorities and best practices, Erin is dedicated to investing in violence prevention and building strong communities to reduce violence and lessen its impacts.

Modern government

Erin is dedicated to a modern, well-functioning government that delivers equal access to government programs, resources, and services, uses evidence in service of transparency and continuous improvement, and is free from discrimination and harassment.

Housing as a right

Erin believes housing is a human right and that strong, secure communities benefit all of us. As Council Chairwoman, she will apply constant pressure to make sure we are using every tool available to maintain and improve access to affordable housing and home ownership.

A resilient city & sustainable future

If the last two years have shown us anything, it’s that our lives can be easily upended. As Council Chairwoman, Erin will lead the Council in strengthening our communities and improving our infrastructure, and act with vision to ensure a bright, sustainable future regardless of what comes our way.

Thriving families

Erin knows that it takes a lot to support a family, and as Council Chairwoman she will lead a government that puts DC’s families first — no matter the type or stage of life.

Investing in working people & small businesses

Our city should work for all of us, not just those who bundle campaign donations or hire lobbyists. As Council Chairwoman, Erin will stand with DC’s working people – our neighbors, family, and friends – to level the playing field for everyday people.