Housing as a right

All DC residents deserve safe, stable, and secure housing. Yet, we’ve seen increasing homeless encampments, chronic disinvestment in our deteriorating public housing, rising housing costs that force residents to leave their communities, and a city that is increasingly out of reach for working class people. As Council Chairwoman, Erin will apply constant pressure to make sure we are using every tool available to maintain and improve access to affordable housing and home ownership.

Erin believes housing is a human right and that strong, secure communities benefit all of us. She will lead the Council in its funding and legislative priorities to make sure every DC resident has the dignity of a home. That includes:

  • Ending chronic homelessness
  • Investing in improvements to DC’s shelter system 
  • Protecting and maintaining public housing
  • Preventing discrimination, harassment, and other barriers for LGBTQ+ neighbors in accessing programs and services
  • Supporting tenants and homeowners who face a challenge or unexpected financial crisis
  • Strengthening and expanding rent control
  • Expanding homebuyer assistance for low-, middle- and fixed-income residents 
  • Supporting new housing options for long-time and new residents 
  • Preserving and creating substantially more deeply affordable housing 

In addition, Erin will use new models for affordable housing, like social housing and community land trusts, which not only create more affordable housing, but also build diverse, inclusive, and empowered communities. 

The buck doesn’t stop with passing the budget or a law, and Erin has the skills to exercise consistent oversight from day one, making sure money is spent well, agencies follow laws and regulations, and we are achieving our goals. The absence of rigorous oversight has led to the Housing Production Trust Fund – one of our primary affordable housing tools – to continuously fail to meet the requirements to fund housing for those most in need. We’ve regularly lost federal grants because we don’t spend wisely. Tens of thousands of residents are waiting for public housing as the waitlist sits stagnant. And residents have suffered deplorable and uninhabitable living conditions due to the failures of our regulatory agencies – and the lack of oversight. Erin won’t take oversight for granted, but will make it a crucial focus to ensure our policy priorities become reality. 

The current Council Chairman started in politics by saying he didn’t want new neighbors in DC’s wealthiest neighborhoods. Ensuring all DC residents have the dignity of a home strengthens our neighborhoods and our city, ensuring a diverse, inclusive, and vibrant DC. Erin has built her time in public service around making sure everyone feels welcome in our communities.

Erin’s experience:

Erin has consistently called for full funding to end chronic homelessness and to ensure every person has the dignity of a home. She led efforts in her Advisory Neighborhood Commission to weigh in on DC’s Comprehensive Plan to emphasize the need for deeply affordable housing and for a comprehensive effort to protect and preserve public housing. Under Erin’s leadership, her Advisory Neighborhood Commission created the first ever Housing Justice Committee, and the neighborhood has welcomed hundreds of affordable units of housing preserved, built, or on the way.