Ethical & accountable government

All DC residents deserve to be represented by people who will hold government accountable. Too often we see our elected representatives take advantage of their power and privilege and fail to serve our communities. As a participant in DC’s Fair Elections program and a dedicated public servant with deep professional experience in institutional accountability, Erin will bring a new vision for good government in DC.

Erin is participating in DC’s Fair Elections program, a voluntary campaign financing program that provides limited public matching funds to qualified candidates. By forgoing corporate and political action committee donations, she will be accountable to and engaged with neighbors, not lobbyists. Matching funds are what make it possible for Erin – a mom without ties to corporate donors – to be competitive against a longtime incumbent who is already raising hundreds of thousands from interest groups. The opportunity for regular DC residents to have their voices heard is why she supported passage of the Fair Elections program.

One of the most crucial roles the DC Council has is oversight, and part of good oversight is making sure that residents can easily access programs and city services and that government agencies implement these programs well and efficiently. The oversight process does not end when the Council passes a law, but requires continued work to make sure the law is well implemented and becomes reality. As Council Chairwoman, Erin will ensure the Council uses every oversight tool to make our government effective – expanding the Office of the DC Auditor to examine the effectiveness of agencies and programs, building an independent legislative research agency so our laws are strategic and effective, and empowering Councilmembers to require answers from agencies that don’t deliver.

The Council also must hold its members accountable. As Chairwoman, Erin will ensure Councilmembers act ethically and that the Council works together, engages in collaborative decision-making, and respects our democratic institutions and principles. The Council cannot function properly when power is concentrated in one person.

Erin’s experience:

Erin led efforts to demand action by the Council to hold then Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans accountable for his ethical misconduct, ultimately leading to a Council investigation and Evans’ resignation. Erin has constantly strived to improve the accessibility and functionality of our government, including leading citywide efforts to ensure access to government meetings, better and easier voting through robust and reliable vote-by-mail procedures, and an end to special perks for elected officials.