Fecha: jueves, mayo 12, 2022
Hora: 6:00 pm
Localización: Brookland Pint

Join Erin for a Ward 5 Meet and Greet! Chat with Erin and Ward 5 neighbors about how we can build a prosperous, equitable, safe, and sustainable city for all of our neighbors.

Hosted by Colleen Costello, Jaime Fearer, Laura Fuchs, Nick Hargreaves, Jessica Hart, Emma Hellmann, Danielle Henry, VJ Kapur, Holly Keerikatte, Emily Singer Lucio, Prita Piekara, Ron Thompson, Jr., and Lauren Wells.

Brookland Pint is located at 716 Monroe Street, NE, and close to Brookland Metro and bus routes 80, G8, H2, and H4.