Erin Palmer launches campaign to be DC Council Chairwoman

New leadership and vision for the Council of the District of Columbia

TAKOMA, DC — Today, Erin Palmer kicked off her campaign to be the Democratic nominee for DC Council Chairwoman. Erin’s campaign is focused on bringing new energy and vision to the DC Council, ensuring responsive and accountable government, and working together for a bright future for all residents and families. 

“As a mom, ethics lawyer, and Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, I’ve seen first hand the disparities in government services, the lack of government accountability, and the struggles we’ve faced in supporting all our neighbors during the Covid-19 pandemic. We need new leadership to rise to the challenges facing our city, whether that’s gun violence, the Covid-19 pandemic, or climate change,” said Erin Palmer, candidate for DC Council Chairwoman. 

Erin is dedicated to a District government that invests in basic needs as rights — things like housing, education, and healthcare — so that every DC resident and family can thrive. She believes everyone is entitled to high-quality, reliable government services necessary for a safe, healthy community, which requires making sure that residents can easily access programs and city services and that government agencies implement these programs well and efficiently. She will build a stronger city by acting with foresight and vision to learn from and adapt to challenges, and by seeking out and implementing bold solutions. 

“The work has to begin now on a better, more efficient, more collaborative, and more accountable government. It’s why I’m running, to make all of our neighborhoods safer, stronger, and more resilient as the next Council Chairwoman,” said Palmer.

Erin has the experience and drive to reinvigorate oversight and accountability as the DC Council’s primary mission. She will make sure the District’s money is spent well, government agencies follow laws and regulations, and that together every resident can achieve the ambitious goals we have set for the District. Erin is committed to a better, more ethical government. Her campaign will be loyal to DC residents, not big businesses and lobbyists. That’s why she is participating in DC’s Fair Elections program.

Erin could not have taken the leap to run for Chairwoman without the support and love of her family, friends, and neighbors. It is because of them, and for them, that she’s in this race. 

Ameen Beale is Campaign Chair and Ronald Thompson, Jr. is Campaign Manager and Treasurer. Both bring notable experience to the campaign team.