Investing in working people & small businesses

Our city should work for all of us, not just those who bundle campaign donations or hire lobbyists. Yet we’ve watched as small, local businesses and working class people struggle and are pushed out of DC due to growing economic inequality and a high cost of living. We know income inequality impacts Black and Hispanic […]

Thriving families

DC residents — of all ages — deserve to thrive. But our city continues to leave families behind. DC has the highest rate of Black maternal mortality in the nation. Families struggle to find childcare and must enter a lottery for schools, leaving to chance what should be a basic guarantee — quality, affordable childcare, […]

A resilient city & sustainable future

If the last two years have shown us anything, it’s that our lives can be easily upended. DC has faced a pandemic, climate change, a government shutdown, and violent insurrection, and we know these events hit those who have the fewest resources the hardest. As Council Chairwoman, Erin will lead the Council in strengthening our […]

Housing as a right

All DC residents deserve safe, stable, and secure housing. Yet, we’ve seen increasing homeless encampments, chronic disinvestment in our deteriorating public housing, rising housing costs that force residents to leave their communities, and a city that is increasingly out of reach for working class people. As Council Chairwoman, Erin will apply constant pressure to make […]

Modern government

Everyone deserves equal access to government programs, resources, and services. The Covid-19 pandemic made clear our government is too often stuck in the past with dated unemployment websites, crashing vaccination portals, and inaccessible agency websites. Erin is dedicated to a modern, well-functioning government that uses technology to increase accessibility and data in service of transparency […]

Community safety

There is no quick fix to end violence in our communities. Every person who is harmed is a beloved family member, friend, and neighbor, and the trauma impacts all of us. We know that violence is often the result of decades of chronic disinvestment and requires sustained, intentional action to heal the wounds that have […]

Ethical & accountable government

All DC residents deserve to be represented by people who will hold government accountable. Too often we see our elected representatives take advantage of their power and privilege and fail to serve our communities. As a participant in DC’s Fair Elections program and a dedicated public servant with deep professional experience in institutional accountability, Erin […]