Palmer y Mandelson apelan al electorado latino en DC

By Olga Imbaquingo En DC todo es política. Se avanza o se retrocede gracias al arte de legislar. El Concejo es responsable de aprobar el presupuesto y diseñar leyes en áreas sensibles como la educación, salud, vivienda, seguridad ciudadana, transporte y más. El presidente del Concejo lidera y pone las pautas para avanzar en el proceso legislativo. […]

Washington Informer Bridge: Q&A With Erin Palmer

Interview by Washington Informer Bridge Staff WIB: Why did you decide to run for a political office? EP: I’m running to be DC Council Chairwoman because now more than ever we need leadership that works for every person and family across DC. I’m committed to reforming the government to take on the challenges of today and […]

DCist: In Race To Lead The D.C. Council, A Debate Over Energy and Experience

Story and photo by Martin Austermuhle On a blustery day in mid-February, Erin Palmer and a small group of campaign volunteers set off on a neighborhood walk in Ward 7. Led by Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Anthony Lorenzo Green, the group slowly made its way up Division Avenue NE, discussing nearby challenges ranging from cars driving too fast […]

Erin Palmer Proposes Plan for Safe, Stable & Secure Communities

Together, We Can Build a Safer DC from the Ground Up TAKOMA – Erin Palmer today announced her Plan for Safe, Stable & Secure Communities – a comprehensive plan to make every neighborhood in DC safer and stronger by investing in basic needs, using data-driven violence prevention strategies, and ensuring the effectiveness of District public […]

Erin Palmer joins #TheFutureDC Youth Candidate Forum

This event, hosted by the Future Foundation, created a virtual space for youth (the most vulnerable & traumatized DC residents) to discuss the upcoming election in a way that is relatable to them with the D.C. Council Chairperson candidates that will potentially make decisions for them.