A resilient city & sustainable future

If the last two years have shown us anything, it’s that our lives can be easily upended. DC has faced a pandemic, climate change, a government shutdown, and violent insurrection, and we know these events hit those who have the fewest resources the hardest. As Council Chairwoman, Erin will lead the Council in strengthening our communities and improving our infrastructure, and act with vision to ensure a bright, sustainable future regardless of what is coming our way.

The Covid-19 public health emergency has caused devastating loss and tested our city’s ability to support and protect residents. We have lost more than 1,100 of our family members, friends, and neighbors to the virus, while countless others have suffered as a result of illness or the economic devastation it has brought. Essential workers have been on the front lines, risking their health to ensure we have food and childcare. Some have shifted to telework, while many have lost their jobs. Schools used virtual learning, but now children are returning to schools, many without having been vaccinated.

Meanwhile climate change is upon us, and the consequences – both now and in the future – are widespread and intensifying. We’ve seen severe weather across the globe, as well as in DC, including tornadoes and flooding, and infrastructure failures, including collapsed buildings and bridges. We know the planet and DC will get hotter, extreme rainfall will increase, and sea levels will rise. We have not done enough or acted fast enough to reduce the impacts of climate change on our communities, rehabilitate our existing infrastructure, or develop and implement new solutions.

Building a resilient city means working to strengthen our communities to withstand challenges by reducing poverty and investing in basic needs like housing, education, and healthcare. It also means acting with foresight and vision to learn from and adapt to these challenges, seeking and implementing bold solutions focused racial and economic justice. That’s why Erin supports a Green New Deal for DC, including investing heavily in robust, reliable, accessible and affordable public transportation; implementing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure that encourages people to drive less and makes our streets safer; using green infrastructure at every opportunity; and creating good-paying, union jobs that come with these investments. She also knows we need universal Internet and the ability to use technology to our advantage, including hybrid work and school. Resilience isn’t just a struggle, it’s an opportunity to be bold, creative, and visionary, and Erin is up for the task.

Erin’s experience:

Along with fellow Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners, Erin led changes to limitations on visible solar panels in historic districts. Over years, she worked with neighbors to successfully obtain a Community Stormwater Solutions grant to design a holistic solution to blockwide stormwater challenges. Erin is steadfast in her support for public transportation, taking every opportunity to promote and advocate for better transportation – including citywide efforts to improve sidewalks and make public transportation more efficient and frequent.