Erin Palmer, Democrat for DC Council Chairwoman

It’s time for new leadership and a brighter vision for DC.

Meet Erin

I’m Erin Palmer, a mom to three wonderful children, an ethics lawyer, and a dedicated public servant. Since moving to DC nearly two decades ago, I have worked in both federal and local government, expanding workplace protections and fighting for transparency and accountability. As an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in Ward 4, I advocate with my neighbors on issues that affect our everyday lives — things like traffic safety, high-quality schools, and better public transportation. I’m running to be Chairwoman to bring new energy and vision to the DC Council.

Donations from DC residents are matched 5x by DC’s Fair Elections program!

Turns into $60

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Erin is the only Democrat for Council Chair using DC’s Fair Elections program, which means she’s rejecting corporate donations and is accountable to DC residents.


More than 70 current and former elected officials across all 8 Wards have come together to support Erin Palmer for DC Council Chairwoman. Erin is also proud to be endorsed by DC’s grassroots community organizations.

Our policy agenda

Erin is dedicated to a District government that invests in basic needs as rights — things like housing, education, and healthcare — so that every DC resident and family can thrive. She believes everyone is entitled to high-quality, reliable government services necessary for a safe, healthy community.

Watch: Why I’m running

I’m running to be the next DC Council Chairwoman because now more than ever we need leadership that works for every person and family across DC. I’m committed to reforming government to take on the challenges of today and build the infrastructure for a better tomorrow. I’ll bring my years of experience fighting for stronger ethics and greater transparency to the Wilson Building to ensure that our government serves all residents and makes DC stronger. With new ideas, collaborative leadership, and strong values we can ensure that every Washingtonian has a brighter future.